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Our Story

We are and have always been a family owned and operated company. We started selling satellite dishes in 1981 when the big c-band dishes came out. Since then we have evolved with the smaller Direct and Dish Network dishes. We have seen how the technology has changed and have morphed with it. We are very knowledgeable in our field so if you have a question we will be able to answer it for you.

about us

We are a locally owned company that offers a variety of options for your television watching services. We install and service what we sell and do not leave you begging for service from a 1-800 style company.

We offer DISH, DIRECTV, SPECTRUM and OFF-AIR ANTENNA services so we can find the right service that fits you instead of pushing a single service on you to make a sale. Whether its video, internet or phone service you are looking for we can find the best option for you.

We also offer services for commercial and residential so we can help you get the right service for your home or business. No matter if its a 1 room apartment or a 200 room hotel we have you covered.

Service is what we can offer that the online or 1-800 can not. We want to make your entertainment service hassle free. We want you to call us if there is an issue so we can fix it the right way for you.


Our Approach

Our goal is to provide you with the most knowledge about all our products so you will know what is best for you. Whether its a Whole home DVR Hopper3 from Dish , DirecTv whole home Genie or Spectrums whole home DVR. Maybe you just want High Definition only without any recording features at all. Talk to us and we will not upsell you but get you exactly what you want and need.